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This is a unique collection of art lessons and projects for elementary students that focuses on art, history, culture, geography and literacy integration - all in a child-friendly presentation. There's enough to fill your entire school year with art lessons and writing projects.Teacher Scripts: You
This fun Picasso art project for kids will make it difficult to hold back the giggles! Children love all the possibilities and you'll love how easy it will be to plan this abstract portrait drawing lesson! The timeline activity is a great way for students to put facts & events from their resea
3rd - 9th

Also included in: Drawing Bundle

Use Op Art lessons to shows the elements of art in action! Each op art project in this set will help students understand how to create optical illusions through step by step instructions. Create striking artwork with this art activity that kids will enjoy and feel successful completing. Each lesson
1st - 6th

Also included in: Op Art MEGA Bundle!

Liven up a dull art history lesson with a roll a dice game! This art project to create a Wassily Kandinsky painting is no exception. Going to be absent? Fill up your art sub plan folder with engaging, low-prep art projects that are easy to implement for substitute teachers.Teach your students about
This game is played individually with a dice. The students roll the dice and draw the appropriate part to create portraits in the style of Pablo Picasso. After rolling the dice 4 times your students will have completed a portrait in the style of a Master Artist. After completing one, the students ca
1st - 8th
Include Art and Multicultural Fun into Your Classroom! Students will read & learn about the art history from Nigeria, Italy, Japan, India, Mexico, and China! They will discover common art elements & themes from each location and famous artworks in history. "What I Learned" recall & writ
No Prep Art History has unique lessons that teach about famous artists and art movements from cave art to modern art. Each lesson has a teacher script, attention to the world map and culture, as well as at least one art project with extensions where possible. **This unit has been significantly updat
This project helps you discover two different paintings by Vincent Van Gogh: ''Starry Night'' and ''Sunflowers''. Using these two paintings as inspiration, you will create your own unique painting, working in the same manner as the impressionist artists. Welcome the spring with this 'sunny' project.
Get your students excited about learning art history and Cubism by creating a Pablo Picasso portrait with oil pastels. Fill up your art sub plan folder with engaging, low-prep art projects that are easy to implement for substitute teachers. Teach your students about abstract art, the artist's Blue P
Get your students excited about learning art history in Australia by creating a dreaming painting. Need last minute art sub plans? Fill up your emergency folder with engaging art projects that are easy for substitute teachers. Teach your students about the Aborigines and how they use symbols in thei
60 Lessons on the 7 Elements of Art for your students! Students will learn and create artworks for color, value, shape & form, line, texture, and space! Teach the Elements of Art to your artastic classroom. 60 lessons can last ALL YEAR! Learn a variety of techniques and apply the elements to art
Drawing faces can be hard! Especially if you're 6! Instead of allowing your students to resort to drawing themselves as a stick figure, download this Simple Self Portrait drawing guide instead! In this super easy drawing visual you will find the steps to creating a portrait illustration is easier th
Fall has arrived! Why not highlight it with an Aboriginal Art project? The Aboriginal people often paint kangaroos, snakes, lizards and lots of symbols. Our theme will be a Fall Leaf. This is a great way to work with warm and cool colours.This very complete project helps you to initiate your student
Ready to liven up a dull art history lesson? Why not try a roll a dice game? This art lesson to create an Henri matisse collage is no exception. Going to be absent? Fill up your art sub plan folder with engaging, low-prep art projects that are easy to implement for substitute teachers. Teach your st
This listing includes 3 worksheet pages with 36 different boxes total. This listing also includes a colored example page for reference. All pages are contained within a single PDF file and you can print what you would like. Each worksheet includes 12 boxes that have "starter" lines. Students are ins
Renaissance Activity - A fun and creative way to review a famous Renaissance painting. Students are asked to recreate the famous "Mona Lisa" by da Vinci from a more modern perspective. Teaches students to look at artwork in a new way and to put a modern spin on a classic!Students love this assignme
This is Set 2 of Art History for Elementary Students! There are art projects using a variety of easy to find materials, plus each artist pack has a read-aloud script for the teacher to help introduce the artist and art project. This means you will not need any background knowledge at all to teach th
Use this roll and draw sheet, for a fun and engaging way to introduce students to the artist Joan Miro. Students will create a surrealistic skyscape in the style of Joan Miro. Directions: • Roll the dice and pick a large shape to add to your paper. Draw it BIG. • Add 3 horizontal and 3 vertical li
2nd - 7th

Also included in: Art Lesson Bundle

Learn to draw a vase of sunflowers while learning about the artist Vincent van Gogh. Your students will not only learn about van Gogh but also do some art criticism (talking about art) during the presentation. Then they will have a blast making a sunflower drawing with Expressive Monkey’s fun appro

Also included in: Drawing Bundle

This 61 page PDF contains 50 much needed worksheets, tests, handouts, lists and more that every art teacher should have in their classroom. After years of searching for just the right visuals to use, and after making countless hand-outs myself, I’ve decided to share my 50 favorites with you. Simp
2nd - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
#artistsday21Who doesn't like superheroes? Students love them!A theme that boys love, and girls can also enjoy.This project is a great occasion to work on how to draw characters, while discovering an incredible artist: Roy Lichenstein, through the Pop Art movement.Level:Grade 3 and up. Also great fo
This fun, helpful drawing visual will help your student when it comes to adding expressions and emotions to their portraits!_________________________If you're interested in some and useful fun classroom visuals, checkout my Color Concepts and Elements of Art collection!For more inspiration and info
As an Elementary teacher for many years, I've found that you can never have too many art ideas...especially at the K-3rd grade level. This PowerPoint presentation shows 50 different tried and true art lessons that I've used over the years. You'll find everything from drawing and painting, to printma
Get your students' attention with these Colorful Famous Artists Posters. Each poster is 8 1/2 X 11 inches. Each poster includes a cartoon image of the artist, a photograph of the artist, a tidbit about the artist, and a work of art by the artist. Just Print and Go! *This is a PDF printable document.
PreK - 6th

Also included in: Famous Artists BUNDLE

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