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These 20 independent digital activities are meant to be assigned as extra math practice for students once they have been taught about place value. The activities are compatible with Google Slides and Seesaw, and come preloaded and ready to implement. They are perfect for your blended or hybrid lear
This set of 42 figurative language task cards include the following literary devices: SIMILE METAPHOR ONOMATOPOEIA PERSONIFICATION ALLITERATION HYPERBOLE IDIOM These cards are all written in a multiple-choice format, but they follow two different formats. For half of the cards, a sentence containing
Your students will read twelve sentences related to Thanksgiving. To answer the question, they will need to use context clues to decipher the meaning of a word.I created this because I have found that not only my ELL's, but the vast majority of students at my school struggle with this type of questi
This product includes 32 task cards. Each card contains a group of words. Students read the card and determine whether each group of words is a:A. complete sentenceB. run-on sentenceC. fragment (missing a subject)D. fragment (missing a predicate)These can be used for independent practice as part of
This resource will help you teach the long E spelling patterns of ee, ea, and ie. Vowel pairs can be confusing and students need a lot of practice to learn them. With these activities, they will practice reading and spelling long E words in a variety of ways. INCLUDES:Spelling ListPractice TestSound
Use these 32 task cards to help reinforce comma use rules and to practice proofreading. These cards are meant to be used as practice after students have been taught comma rules. Please note that in order to help students avoid over punctuating, few of the correct answer have no commas. A student a
Learning about the Solar System has never been so much fun! This pack has 15 passages, comprehension and connection activities, vocabulary posters, 2 character studies on Neil Armstrong and Sally Ride, and so much more! Your students will love learning about the Solar System with this creative and a
★ Includes an Easel Assessment! This digital Google Classroom Reading resource focuses on identifying the author’s purpose ( PIE= Persuade, Inform and Entertain). Strengthen reading comprehension by focusing on Author’s Purpose. Includes an Easel Activity!★★★ This resource also has an Easel Activity
This Ancient Rome non-fiction activity pack has it all! It includes reading passages with comprehension questions to help students connect to the information, vocabulary activities, a timeline, map activity, government chart and so much more!!Everything that you need to teach Ancient Rome is in this
Are you looking for engaging physical science reading passages and questions? This Atom, Molecules, and Elements Reading Comprehension is the perfect NO PREP, print-off resource with three informational texts with multiple-choice questions and free-response questions to go along. It can be used as a
This Christmas Around the World Learning Quest provides research activities that guide students through independent learning about how the Christmas holiday is celebrated around the world.Students are self-directed as they independently complete these learning quest activities. These activities can
The 32 task cards were created using state standardized tests and grade 3 math Common Core Standards. Almost every standard is covered. Use at a center, with games or with the whole class. A student answer sheet and an answer key is provided. There is also a “Rate It” card that students can use to r
Each of these 32 place value cards (print or digital) presents a different three or four-digit number and three statements about that number. The challenge is to correctly identify the statement that is not true. Students must use the following skills be successful:Identifying the correct place valu
This is a set of dominoes matching activities for learning common contractions. They make a great hands-on activity for reading centers.Includes 5 sets:Set 1 - am/is/are contractions (12 dominoes)Set 2 - has/have contractions (12 dominoes)Set 3 - not contractions (12 dominoes)Set 4 - will contractio
Author's Tone Task Cards: This product includes 24 task cards. Each task card takes the form of a short note written from one person to another, followed by this question: Which word best describes the tone of this note? Students are then given four choices, and they must choose the word that best r
This figurative language pack includes a types of figurative language handout that defines different figures of speech like similes, metaphors, idioms, personification, and hyperbole and gives an example of each. On the first worksheet students have to identify ten sentences that use metaphors or si
4th - 7th, Higher Education, Adult Education

Also included in: Idioms Bundle

Take a step back in time to learn about Ancient Greece. This complete unit includes reading passages, hands-on activities, vocabulary posters, character studies, timeline, map, and so much more!There are reading passages on the following topics:A Great CivilizationGeography of GreeceTwo Early Greek
Your middle school students will be captivated by this chilling short story! Students will want to analyze characters, motive, plot, and foreshadowing. This creepy, unsettling story is great for middle school and high school students. Reasons to love this unit:print and digital versions (Google
This character traits resource contains 24 task cards. Each task card contains a short passage followed by this question: Which character trait best describes (name from passage)?Some of the traits include: impulsive, arrogant, devious, generous, greedy, adventurous, cautious, loyal, manipulative, b
Use Google Classroom to read CVC words! Do you need ideas to go digital with reading for beginning readers? Your students will have so much fun on their digital devices using this interactive word work resource. Your students will love dragging the movable pieces to the correct spots. It's never
This Gingerbread Man Learning Quest provides reading activities that guide students through independent learning about the fairy tale, The Gingerbread Man. Students are self-directed as they independently complete these learning quest activities. These activities can be completed as traditional cla
Your students will read six stories related to Halloween. To answer the seventeen multiple-choice questions, they will need to use context clues to decipher the meaning of a word. Words include: specter, domicile, predilection, penchant, loathe, intrepid, eschew, foiled, abashed, copious, tepid, aba
This task card set gives students ample opportunity to practice identifying the correct perfect verb tense in a variety of ways. Each task card is worded in one of the following 3 ways:1. Which of the following sentences uses the {past perfect/present perfect/future perfect} tense?2. What perfect te
This workbook covers the Grade 3 Soils in the Environment unit in the Ontario Science curriculum (Understanding Earth and Space Systems). Students will explore the importance of soil and the role it plays in the natural environment. Topics in this workbook include different types of soil, compostin

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